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At Coo&RIKU, we offer a wide range of products that solve the problems that our customers feel when living with cats and dogs, so that they can enjoy a better pet life.

Cats and dogs have various personalities like us. So we will provide products that solve problems such as doing mischievous things, as well as cat food and dog food, and other necessary pet products according to their life stages as nutritionally balanced meals for daily health.


Pet shop Coo&RIKU LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE store has more than 1,800 items including cat food, dog food, pet treats, hygiene products such as pet sheets and pet shampoo, and dog clothes.

We're also doing a staff training regullary so that we can give an good advice on products to the pet owner that have problems in raising their pets.

pet goods floor

Pet goods floor

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