Cat cafe

Price list Cat cafe

Menu Price
The entrance fee/30min
(minimum stay in from 30min)
RM 30
Additional 10min
(every 10 minutes)
RM 6
One day pass
Don't worry about time.
RM 70
Cat's treats
RM 9
image of cat


Pet shop COO&RIKU LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE store has a cat cafe in its store. (Cat cafe Puchi Marry)

Cat cafes are said to have originated in Taiwan, and have since spread to Japan and Korea.

You can spend a magical time playing with various cats and be healed in an extraordinary space.

We also believe that customers can simulate the life with a cat and it provide a better opportunity for customers who are considering getting a cat at home.

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space area

cat cafe view space

sky area

cat cafe view sky

sea area

cat cafe view sea

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