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Watch over them during the first week watch over

Think of your newborn dog as a human baby. They are very sensitive to changes in their living environment, and even the slightest change can cause stress, which often results in them becoming ill on the third to seventh day. Whether this is a transient condition or worsens at the right time depends on how you treat them and the environment that surrounds them during the first week. You may also have problems with play eating, eating poo, biting and toileting in the course of your life, but we recommend that you train your dog after it has become familiar with its new family and surroundings.

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Causes of stress due to environmental changes stress

There are many causes of stress, but the common point is that both people and dogs can become stressed when they are in a state of persistent physical and mental unrest. Some examples are given here.


Dogs also get tired if they play too much.

Lack of sleep

Like humans, lack of sleep is bad for health.

Changing the house

The change in where they live makes them feel insecure.

Possible symptoms omen

As stress builds up, it can appear as the following behavioural and physical symptoms, so pay close attention to your dog's signs.

Lack of appetite
and irregular eating.

Loose stools
or diarrhoea.

Lacking energy

Bark at night

Symptoms of a cold are seen.

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