Exercise for dogs

Exercise depends on body size, age, lifestyle and diet.

Walking is essential for dogs to maintain their mental and physical health. Walks not only provide moderate daily exercise, but also relieve stress and provide a change of mental attitude. Ideally, walks should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. However, the amount of walking required depends on the size, breed, age and health of your dog. Below is a guide to the approximate amount of exercise for each size of dog.

Approximate daily exercise

Small breed dog/ midium breed dog

30 minutes

Medium breed dog

60 minutes

Large breed dog

80 - 120 minutes

Points to note when exercising

  •  Is the dog out of breath?
  •  Is there energy in the dog's eyes?
  •  Is the dog limping?
  •  Is the dog walking normally?

In summer and winter, less than the suggested time is better, as the outside temperature can be a strain.

Grass, soil or sand is preferable, and concrete and asphalt should be avoided as much as possible.

Take care not to pick up and eat other dogs' and cats' poo, cigarettes, etc.

Owners should have authority to take the lead during walks.

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