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Feelings towards cages differ between dogs and people. For dogs with wild senses, living in a room with no partitions can make them more wary and cause them to bark. The cage is the dog's territory, and the less space it has to protect, the less stressful and secure it is. It also makes it easier to potty train your dog.

What the cage does
  •  Ensuring safety.
  •  Getting a good night's sleep.
  •  Stress avoidance.
  •  Problem behaviour prevention (e.g. barking)
  •  Potty training.
  •  Other training.

House concept What's house

man icon View of humans

Poor little thing in a small cage.

I don't think it's necessary.


dog icon View of Dogs

No need to be on the lookout for external enemies.

Feel safe and sleep well.

What is the ideal space?

It gives your dog peace of mind as they have their own personal space.

 Water feeder

The use of cage-mounted types prevents them from spilling water and catching colds.


They can sleep calmly, which allows for a good night's sleep.


Placing them in a specific place facilitates potty training.

 Food bowl

Using a specific bowl will help them learn the cue to eat and help with training.


It relieves stress when you are away from home.

Dangers lurking in our daily lives caution


I didn't realise they were underfoot and stepped on them!

electric shock

They chewed through the electrical cords while we were away!


When I shut the door, I clipped the tail with it!


They swallowed the things they fell on!

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