Filariasis prevention

Mosquito-borne parasite filaria

Filaria is a type of parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. Dogs are infected by the bite of a filaria-infected mosquito, which then circulates in the body with the blood and grows. Filaria is a filarial parasite that can grow to 30 cm in adult size. The parasite eventually enters the heart, causing the blood to flow poorly, resulting in chronic and prolonged suffering for the dog. Without prevention, there is a 40% chance of infection in Japan.


Blood test required in advance

A blood test is a must, at a veterinary clinic. This is because if medication is given when the animal is infected, the filaria will die in the bloodstream, preventing blood flow.

No self-determination.

Symptoms in the early stages of infection are difficult to notice. Early symptoms may include loss of appetite, lack of energy, coughing, laboured breathing and weight loss. Do not judge for yourself; consult a veterinary surgeon.

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