Dog food

The food is kept as unchanged as possible do not change

Even a slight change in environment can make your dog more likely to become unwell. For the sake of your precious puppy, try not to change the recipe content of its food as much as possible. The puppies in our shop are growing up healthy and well on "ROYAL CANIN". If you are interested, please contact your nearest shop.

How to make a food recipe


Place the dry food in a heatproof dish and add the same amount of hot water (60-70°C).
*Avoid boiling water as it destroys vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.


Cover with plastic wrap and leave for about 20 minutes.
(The guide is about to lose its core).


Add the special milk powder you have been using to it and mix well.
*Make sure to mix milk powder until about 4 months of age.


Add our recommended high-calorie nutritional supplement (1-2 cm) and mix well.
*Make sure to mix it up for about two weeks after a change of environment.


Cool to about human skin temperature and it' s done!

Points for bad eating no appetite

  •  Take it from the human hand to the puppy's mouth.
  •  Try adding more puppy-specific milk.
  •  Try mixing puppy-specific canned food.
  •  Boil the chicken and tear the chicken into small pieces.
  •  Make sure the food is not too cold or too hot.
  •  Give him a lick of high-calorie nutritional supplements.

If the puppy does not eat after trying the above, please contact the shop where you bought the puppy. If he seems to be losing energy, talk to the responsible shop and take him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Type & quantity Type & quantity

Dogs have the ability to adapt their internal organs to their daily meals. If you change the type of food frequently, they will not be able to build healthy internal organs forever, resulting in weak pups. Feed the same food every day, but only in the required amount. Pay attention to the way they eat and the amount of food they eat.

 Eating too much food

Likely to cause vomiting and diarrhoea

 Not eating a certain amount of food

Likely to suffer from hypoglycaemia

If he does not eat a certain amount of food, give him 1~2 cm of high-calorie nutritional supplements and see what happens. The standard amount of softened food is about the size of your dog's head and contains enough nutrition to meet its needs, so don't force feed it.

Switching foodSwitching food

If you suddenly switch from one food to another, your pet may stop eating the food or develop gastritis or diarrhoea. When switching, it is advisable to mix the current food with the next one gradually over a period of about a week.

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