Age of dogs

dog and cat

Different growth speeds in humans and dogs.

Humans and dogs grow at different speeds. The lifespan also depends on the breed and lifestyle. Take care with their diet and the amount of exercise they take.

growth speed


Early growth phase (around 3-6 months of age)

The skeleton and muscles develop predominantly, and personality is also defined.

Late growth phase (around 6-12 months of age)

The internal organs and immune system mature to become adult dogs and cats.

life expectancy
average life

small-breed dog

10-16 years

Medium breed dog

14-16 years

Large breed dog

10-12 years

Extra large breed dog

7-10 years

The secret of long life

Dogs cannot manage their own health. Their daily health, growth and lifespan all depend on the owner's way of thinking. Treat your dog with consideration, rather than selfishness.

dog food

High-quality food


proper exercise


Routine vaccination

dog and cat

Check your pet's health condition with moderate skin-to-skin contact.

Age of humans and dogs
Age of people and dogs

humans dogs
small breed dog/ midium breed dog Large breed dog
1 month old 1 year 1 year
2 month old 3 yaers 2 yaers
3 month old 5 yaers 3 yaers
4 month old 6 yaers 4 yaers
6 month old 9 yaers 6 yaers
8 month old 12 yaers 8 yaers
10 month old 15 yaers 10 yaers
1 yaer 18 yaers 12 yaers
2 yaers 24 yaers 19 yaers
3 yaers 28 yaers 26 yaers
5 yaers 36 yaers 40 yaers
7 yaers 44 yaers 54 yaers
10 yaers 56 yaers 75 yaers
15 yaers 76 yaers 124 yaers

   is when the dog will be an adult dog.

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