How to take care of Dogs

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What you should check as soon as you get the dog. confirm

If you are a first-time dog owner, there are many things you may not know. Here are some things to remember at the start.

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Things you must ensure you follow

This section explains what you must follow when keeping a puppy, such as sleeping hours per day, number of meals and water intake, and the optimum temperature and humidity of the room.

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What we would like you to understand

Newly born dogs are very sensitive to changes in their environment and may become ill due to stress. Here are some tips on how to treat your dog in the first week after you welcome him home.

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About health conditions

Check daily diet, sleeping hours and excretions for abnormalities in order to detect illnesses and disorders as soon as possible.

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About disease prevention, infections, spaying and neutering prevention

To keep your dog healthy and well, know how to prevent diseases and infections.

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About Disease prevention

Dogs can get some serious, potentially life-threatening diseases if they become infected.Prevent these diseases by vaccinating your dog.

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About Rabies vaccinations

Rabies vaccinations are required by law and vaccinations must be carried out annually.

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About zoonotic infections

Zoonoses are infectious diseases shared between humans and animals. Owners need to have a proper understanding of zoonoses to prevent infection.

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About filariasis prophylaxis

Filaria is a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. If not prevented, there is a 40% chance of infection.

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About spay and neuter

This section explains when to spay or neuter, the cost of the procedure and what to look out for.

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Age of the dogs

Humans and dogs grow at different speeds. It is important to know when your dog will reach adulthood, etc., and to keep your dog appropriately at the right time of year.

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About food and exercise Diet and exercise

Know about food and exercise, which are very important for your dog's development. Pay particular attention to what they should not eat.

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Even a slight change in environment can make your dog more easily get sick.For the sake of your precious pup, try to keep the recipe content of his diet as unchanged as possible.

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What not to eat.

Human food is very high in salt and can be dangerous to feed to your dog. Make sure you know what not to feed them.

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The right exercise level

The amount of exercise depends on size, age, lifestyle and diet. It is important to know the right amount of exercise for your dog.

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What you need to have a dog Necessities

You will need a lot of things to keep your dog. Here are some of the most important ones.

What you need to prepare before you welcome your dog

When you first get a dog, you will need a variety of things. Here are some of the things you will need to prepare when you welcome your dog, such as a cage, toilet and bed.

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Items needed in the future.

Some goods will be needed as your dog grows and the seasons change. Here are some useful things to have in the future.

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A house is very important for your dog's safe and secure life. This section explains the role of cages and houses and the dangers that may be present in everyday life.

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Toys are an invisible stress reliever for your dog. Decide which toys are suitable and give them to your dog appropriately.

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The key to toilet training is to guide your dog to steps where he can succeed, without punishing him if he fails. Here is an explanation of the toilet training process.

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Daily care is not only a good way to get to know your dog, but also to prevent illness. This section explains how to care for your dog and what to look out for.

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