Regarding opinions of our store on social media.

We have received opinions about pet stores and cat cafes operated by our company, and we deeply apologize to our customers, business partners, and other concerned parties for the concerns we have caused.

1. about the kennel area

In Malaysia, there are standards for the keeping of kittens, and we are making efforts to operate legally and got cofirmation from DVS. We confirmed the situation at that time the picture taken, and it is true that there were times when the number of kittens in the kennel was temporarily high. We immediately took steps to improve the situation by securing an exercise space for each kitten.

2. About the cat having diarrhea

There is the cat having diarrhea due to environmental changes, and we have responded by moving them from the kennel area to a quiet quarantine area if necessary.

3. Tear stains and eye discharge

At our stores, we have a management system in place to check the physical condition of the animals twice a day, morning and evening, and to check the degree to which they have eaten all of their meals and defecated. We believe that the misunderstanding may have been caused by the fact that the kittens are a breed of cat that tends to tear easily and that their coat color is characterized by a tendency to cause tear stains.

4. Is a sick cat abandoned ?

Some people have commented on social networking accounts that "sick cats die or are abandoned" along with the situation at our stores, but we take sick cats to a veterinarian every time they get sick and we also make sure to give them their annual vaccinations. Furthermore, we have never abandoned a single cat since the opening of our business, so we would like to inform you of our animal welfare policy to avoid any misunderstanding.

We would like to inform our customers, business partners, and all other related parties of our company's thinking as described above, and we will continue to improve any faults in our company in order to grow into a better company, so please continue to warmly understand our company's efforts in the future.

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