How to Buy Dogs and Cats from Japan

Here is how to purchase a dog or cat from pet shop Coo&RIKU in Japan.

To learn more about the feature of importing dogs and cats from the Japanese pet shop Coo&RIKU, please click here as well.

1. search on Japanese web siteSearch pets

Check the Web site of the Japanese pet store Coo&RIKU to search your favorite dogs and cats.

Dogs and cats from COO&RIKU in japan are from our trusted japanese cattery. You can find more than 8,000 dogs and cats every day.

Coo&RIKU Japanese websites

In the following sections, we will show you how to search dogs and cats with your smartphone.

sp top page

Open the Japanese website of COO&RIKU.


Scroll down the top page screen.

sp search page

Select dog or cat

If you want to find the dog, go for 「ワンちゃんを探す」.
If you want to find the cat, go for 「ネコちゃんを探す」

After selecting a pet to search, tap the "検索する" button (orange) on the bottom row.

sp list page

A list of dogs or cats will be displayed.

Scroll down or go to the next page to find the pet you are interested in.

When you find a pet you are interested in, tap the "さらに詳しく" button (orange) at the bottom.

sp detail page

Detailed information about the pet selected on the previous page will be displayed.

When you find a pet you would like to buy, please write down the Contact Number and tell our staff that you would like to purchase a pet from Japan.


2. check the approximate purchase price Request for quotation

This section introduces the schedule and costs for bringing pets from Japan.

(1) Pick-up schedule

It takes about 1.5 to 3 months to deliver your pet according to the following schedule.

Pre-confirmation and purchase application About 1 week
Selection of travel agent About 3 days to 2 months
International shipping procedures About 2-3weeks
Moving your pet 1day
quarantine period About 2 to 3 weeks
*The duration may change due to the spread of COVID-19."
Health monitoring in our store 3-7 days
schedule from japan
(2) Estimated total cost

Thank you for considering purchasing a pet from COO&RIKU in Japan.

Since pet prices and exchange rates fluctuate daily, please use the following price simulation as a reference and contact our staff for more details.

Please note that promotional prices offered in Japan will not be applied in Malaysia.

(Reference price)

(Contents) (JPY) (MYR)
Price of dog or cat JPY MYR
Medical check fee 72,000JPY 2,387MYR
proxy request fee 25,000JPY 829MYR
Transportation processing fee 20,000JPY 663MYR
transportation charge 25,000JPY 829MYR
(Malaysia) Animal quarantine expenses 260MYR / application
(Malaysia) Import procedure fee 10% of the pet's price MYR
Total Payment Amount MYR

*The amount is calculated based on the rate of 30.16 JPY/MYR.When you purchase, it will be calculated based on the rate of the day.

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