Features of Coo&RIKU Japan

Why Coo&RIKU Japan is the choice of many customers in Japan and what makes it different from other pet shops.

Three key reasons why Coo&RIKU is chosen in Japan Great points

Coo&RIKU Japan has made many improvements to help customers find the suitable pet for them. We're also working on information disclosure, traceability, health history and after-sales follow up, so that our customers can feel safe about getting a pet from us. In this context, there are three key features that make our customers choose Coo&RIKU over other companies.

Features of Coo&RIKU Japan Features

Wide variety choose from more than 8,000 pets in Japan

You can check the breed, coat colour, sex, size, etc on our website beforehand, then you can go to your nearest Coo&RIKU shop to see the animal to check the personality and compatibility. If you like them, you can welcome them as a family member. The details of Dogs and Cats in Coo&RIKU are updated daily on our website as shown in the image, so that you can know the sales status of them.

dog_miniature pinsher
cat_american curl
cat_british short hair
A warranty for emergency situation is available.

Puppies and kittens are babies. In Japan, we have life assurance and medical insurance for pets in case of illness or injury. Of course, the same kind of support system is also in place at our overseas branches.

All purebreds are pedigreed and have verifiable breeder information.
pedigree of JKC

JWe carefully select and purchase purebred puppies and kittens from selected breeders who are registered with various pedigree organisations such as JKC (Japan Kennel Club), Japan Dog Preservation Society and ICC (International Cat Club).

Our breeders meet certain business criteria, such as having their business registered with the Japanese authorities. We share the results of genetic tests conducted by Coo&RIKU with breeders to ensure that no pets are born with hereditary disease factors.

Coo&RIKU customers can find out where each of their pets comes from and which breeder the puppy or kitten comes from.

Other examples of documents provided.

Health check certificate before import. Rabies vaccine certificate, vaccine certificate.

health certificate sample
rabies vaccination certificate sample
cat's vaccination certificate sample

Voice of owners who have purchased imported Japanese pets. Voice of customer

our customer with shiba-inu
Customer review from Mr.L bought Shibainu from us
Tell us how you feel when you like our Shiba Inu.

A few months ago, we met an abandoned Shiba Inu and our family decided to adopt him. Despite all the hardships caused by the Corona disaster, the Shiba Inu has given us many smiles. That led us to the idea of getting another Shiba Inu, but we couldn't find the right one for our family... When we went to Coo&RIKU, Suntory(Shiba Inu from COO&RIKU) looked at us and our eyes met, and we fell in love with her cute smile and graceful figure, so we decided to bring her home.

How is your current life situation after you've welcomed Shiba Inu?

We had one Shiba Inu and two cats. Suntory is our fourth pet and is the most active and sweetest. She is loved by everyone in the family and even our neighbours.

Have you noticed anything that you would like to share with us?

The good thing about Coo&RIKU is that the manager explains the pedigree and personality of the animal in detail before you buy it. The only regret I have is that the Coo&RIKU shop is located far from my house and it is a bit inconvenient to go there for trimming. I wish Coo&RIKU would create more shops in Shanghai to make it easier for owners to go there.

Shiba-inu of our customer 1
Shiba-inu of our customer 2
Shiba-inu of our customer 3

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