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American curl

No.144 cat image
Date of birth25/03/2024
PriceRM 6,500

American curl

No.143 cat image
Date of birth25/03/2024
PriceRM 7,000

American curl

No.142 cat image
Date of birth25/03/2024
PriceRM 7,000

American curl

No.141 cat image
Date of birth25/03/2024
PriceRM 7,000

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Our philosophy

We are responsible for taking care of precious lives. That is why we keep three promises and commitments for making sure our guests and customers would feel joy of welcoming new family members.

You can shop securely. 

We always make sure you get a pet without any health problems. Also we have after sales services to support our customers.

You can find your favorite pets easily on our website. 

All the pets have various look and personality. So we do our best creating an user friendly website to help you find your favorite pet more easily.

The one and only in the world. 

If you find your favorite pet on our website and it's too far from your location, you may order to transport the pets to the nearest COO&RIKU store.

Service contents Our service

Pet goods

In LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE store, we carry 1,800 items for making the lifestyles with pets more fun and better. We Coo&RIKU will continue to explore and provide better products that are necessary for pets as precious member of your family.

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Cat cafe

We have an adjoining Cat Cafe in LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE store. You will be able to spend some fun time with over 10kinds, 30 numbers of cats here. And there are many photogenic spots in cat café. Please take a Instagramable photo with our cats in here.

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About Coo&RIKU

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Pet shop Coo&RIKU is a Japanese biggest chain store of pet shop. Coo&RIKU group runs more than 220 stores in Japan, China, and Malaysia, and hand over more than 50 thousand pets to a new home every year.

You may see the details of our company information down here.

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