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Recruit Job Information

The mission of Pet shop Coo&RIKU is "to provide a happy life with pets," and we want more people to feel happiness by interacting with pets. Our business is growing rapidly, and we need to recruit people continuously. We are looking forward to working with people who think same as us. If you enjoy talking with customers and are proactive in communicating with them, we would like to hear from you.

Recruitment outline

Full-time employee
Employment status Full-time employee
Occupation Sales staff
Salary RM 2,300~/Mo
Working hours 9:00-22:30
(Work shift system of 8 hours a day)
Holidays 8days off per month

Recruiting staff

Part-time job
Employment status Part-time job
Occupation Sales staff
Salary RM 10 per hour
Working hours 9:00-22:30
(Work shift system of 4~8 hours a day)
Holidays depends on working shift

Recruiting staff

owned media

public relations & media

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  • Magazine cavarage
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