Corporate social responsibility

For "smiles" now and in the future

Coo&RIKU is aware of its role as a pet specialty store that deals with the lives of animals, and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of society. Please click here to learn more about Coo&RIKU's CSR activities.

In recent years, as the ways of handling and interacting with life have become increasingly diverse, we believe that there are activities that can only be accomplished by a company that handles animals.Coo&RIKU aims to be a company that connects dogs and cats with many families and brings smiles to everyone's faces.

CSR Activities


Coo&RIKU is committed to environmental conservation in all of its corporate activities and to the prevention of environmental pollution.In addition to environmental conservation from a global perspective, as a member of the communities where our company buildings and stores are located, we will actively engage in environmental conservation activities in each region.

 Labor practices

We will strive to improve the work environment so that all employees can work with a smile and a positive attitude.

Employee Work and Life We support employees in balancing work and family life by deepening their understanding of childcare and nursing care.
To be a company where both men and women can work regardless of gender. We will develop a better understanding of women's special life stages and create a workplace environment and system that allows both men and women to be successful in their careers. We will also focus on the abilities of individuals and work to secure and develop human resources regardless of gender.
 Customer relations

Coo&RIKU complies with all laws and regulations related to consumer protection and provides safe and secure services to customers.

Furthermore, as a company that deals with the "life" of animals, we have a system in place to provide support for care of animals after delivery, and will continue to provide reliable services even after customers have welcomed their new family members.

 Human rights

We will respect human rights in our corporate activities based on a deep understanding of the right to live "freely" and "humanely.

Respect for the individual We regard human resources as one of the valuable assets of the company, and aim to create a group that respects individuals, recognizes diversity, and allows each individual to act autonomously.
Prohibition of discrimination We do not tolerate any unjust discrimination or harassment with respect to human rights, including nationality, human rights, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, place of origin, intellectual or physical disability, health problems, or status in the company.
Policy for Sexual and Power Harassment We will strive to prevent sexual harassment, power harassment, and other acts that unreasonably undermine individual dignity.In addition, we will strive to create an environment in which other people can be consulted in the case of such problems, and to create a system that enables prompt and appropriate responses.
 Community involvement

Coo&RIKU values its relationship with the local community and actively engages in social contribution activities as a member of the community.We will also deepen communication with local communities by returning to society the knowledge and skills we have developed in the pet store business and by engaging in social activities that only a company engaged in the pet store business can undertake.

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